Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mark McNairy at (capsule) NY

Due to a variety of BS circumstances I was unable to head over to (capsule) NY after hitting up ENK NY this past weekend.  After checking out Jeremy's "Caspule - Best In Show" piece on Mark McNairy I am lamenting my loss even moreso.

If you don't already read Starts With Typewriters you probably should. Jeremy is the rare combination of a hilarious dude who also knows his stuff and his blog is topnotch.  I am honored to count him as both a peer and a friend.  In the short amount of time I spent with him this past weekend I had an absoulte blast and hopefully we have some exciting things in the works ("Believe 2010").  Anyway, that's enough bromance for one day.  Check out some of the cool new McNairy stuff and be sure to read Jeremy's post to hear about the man, the myth, the gear and the murmurs of big moves.


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  1. I'm on a huge suede shoe envy kick right now...specifically dark brown ones. And, I absolutely love the ones you've been writing about by McNairy the last week or so (especially that last pair!!). I'm missing a good brogue shoe in my wardrobe and if I wasn't a poor MBA student, I'd be buying them today...ha-ha!