Monday, January 11, 2010

In Defense Of Graphic Tees

Well maybe not all graphic tees, but I am definitely loving these new ones from Passarella Death Squad (quite the abrasive name, eh).  When I was much younger and much more sartorially declined than I am today, I wore graphic tees like it was my job.  Now, I probably haven't worn one in around 6 years or so, but that streak may be ending.

While most graphic tees are just plain corny, these really toe the line between art and shirt graphic.  Honestly, if these were available as paintings or pictures I would be jonesin' to snag one for my apartment.  In case anyone was wondering each of the 3 designs are inspired by a particular 90's UK house track.  Forgive me for not linking to the specific tracks, but the music is absolutely terrible. Anyhow, don't take this post as an endorsement of graphic tees, or house music for that matter, as much as it is an endorsement of beautiful women presented in a classy and sophisticated way; even if that happens to be on a white tee.




  1. What else are you going to wear on +85˚ besides a t-shirt? Blank white t-shirts are great until you go to that I-talian restaurant. So why not a graphic t?

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  3. I have some upper playground and imaginary foundation tees I like, as well a bunch of vintage one-offs. Sometimes the tee is too excellent not to rock. Especially the upper playground noir tee, my favorite ever.

  4. graphic tees has always been one of my favorites, i do have plenty of them in my wardrobe. Still searching some good and new designs.
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