Friday, January 8, 2010


For whatever reason I've been seeing some absurdly horrendous toe boxes lately.  Whether coming to a point or just straight squared off, some of these shoes need to be taken into the backyard and put down ("It's okay Tommy, your Sketchers have gone to a farm where they can play with a whole bunch of other Sketchers").  Every shoe in a man's closet should have some form of a "natural" toe box.  I understand the word natural is subjective, but I'm talking in shoe terms so anything but a moderately rounded toe is an absolute no-go (cowboy and motorcylce boots being the only exceptions).  I think it's time to call up Jay-Z and get approval on "all natural toe everything."  So the moral of the story is extremely simple, yet extremely crucial.  Your boots, high-end shoes, low-end shoes, sneakers and everything else in between should come equipped with a natural toe box.  No excuses and no Sketchers. Ever.







[Editor's Note: Pictures courtesy of Epaulet, I don't know why more shops don't have toe box shots, Bass and this new thing called Google.]

[Editor's Note 2: "Toe box shots" sounds pretty sleezy now that I think about it.]



  1. London seems to be over run with half wits hobbling around in elongated winkle pickers.

    For me they more than a whiff of Uncle Peter, a la Reeves & Mortimer.

    It's a great look that immediately identifies a total tosser.

    The only toe box that allowed to point in my books is a classic Santoni loafer.

  2. Amen. No curled pointy elf toes either. And no embellishments other than brogueing.

  3. who doesnt love a good pair of box toes?

  4. I agree with this but also like when a slightly more pointed "style-aggressive" toe box is pulled off- though no elf shoes

  5. No doubt. The Box toe as got to GO!