Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lusting After: Folk Raincoat

[Pictured: Folk Raincoat available for pre-order at End Clothing for $243.00.]

Ryan just posted about the blue version the other day, but when I'm talking raincoats I'm talking yellow.  My affinity for the yellow rain slicker is something I've discussed before and I was excited to see Folk offering their version in the classic nautical color.  Folk S/S 2010 previews have been a hot topic in the blogosphere for a while now and after giving the brand a much belated in depth look I am fully on board with all the awesome stuff they have coming out.  This yellow raincoat is just a small taste of a brand on the up and up.



  1. I was only just bemoaning the fact that the Norse Projects raincoats didn't come in yellow. I hadn't noticed this Folk one until you posted it.

    I would have preferred an even brighter yellow, but hey, you can't everything you want.

    I need to get this!

  2. It's so simple. I'd prefer a nylon one without coat, I mean, someone a few more fashionist.

  3. Man, that raincoat looks great. I just love the yellow color of this coats and wondering how it'll look a like in blue color. Since rainy season is about to arrive, so I'm looking forward to purchase both these raincoats.

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