Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ENK New York 2010 Wrap Up Pt. II

The consensus between myself, Shaun and Jon was that D.S. Dundee had the most impressive booth at ENK.  The East London brand's tailored English staples were so on point that we went back to the booth three or four times with each subsequent visit bordering on nerd overload.  Their tweeds were some of the best I had ever seen in person and to top it off they had some of the most ridiculously awesome "go to hell" plaids.  Jim, D.S. Dundee's Director, was one of the nicest guys at all of ENK as well.  We had a great time chopping it up with him as he dropped serious knowledge about the finer points of dressing like a natty gent.  The following pictures from my point and shoot don't really do any of D.S. Dundee justice and if you ever get the chance to see this stuff in person you will know exactly what I am talking about.  Both Shaun and Jon took some awesome shots so hopefully all that stuff will find it's way into your lap eventually.  The physical manifestation of "country style" has never been this good.


The most interesting of all the brands at ENK had to be Harvard Yard.  When the brand first launched the blogosphere went pretty head over heels.  Harvard Yard's updated preppy American staples looked fantastic in lookbook form, but they kind of vanished for a little while.  Turns out the brand, a union of Wearwolf Group and a licensing deal with Harvard University, is in between designers and continuing to shape their future.  This era of transition didn't stop them from shutting it down and anyone at ENK would agree that the Harvard Yard has seemingly unlimited potential.  With a little vision there is no telling where these guys can go.  The clothes were, as should be expected, American sportswear classics updated for today's college campus.  Their black watch rain coat (Glenn O'Brien approves) and harrington jackets were so on point that I was trying hard not stuff them into Shaun's bag as party favors.  Jeff, the brains behind Harvard Yard, spoke with Shaun and myself for quite some time about the brand's strategies and current situation.  It was a wonderful brainstorming session and Jeff is an extremely sincere guy with a great task ahead of him.  Harvard Yard is definitely a brand to watch; I know I'll be tuning in.


Hope you guys enjoyed this look at two of my new favorite brands and if all goes according to plan I should have one more wrap up post on the way tying up all the loose ends and expressing all my thanks.  If you missed it, check out Pt. 1 of my ENK NY 2010 wrap up here.



  1. dundee's tweeds and brogues look pretty dapper. harvard yard's black watch coat and shaun's peak lapel look super dope as well. props on this, kid

  2. Plaid & tweed never looked so good. I dig those two-toned boots too.

    Hope SartInc compensated Shaun well for his short-term modeling gig. Nicely done.

  3. Whoa, I'd like everything except the piecework mardras blazer. Those two-tone boots, tweeds, and sweater with elbow patches(!) are just mind blowing. Thanks for posting this stuff!

  4. Those boots are tasty. What I wouldn't give to have my table look like that one (8th pic down). Nice!

  5. Love the contrasting plaid elbow patches and brown two-toned buckle boots. These are pieces I'd love in my own closet so that I could put a feminine twist on them! Glad you guys had a smashing good time over there!