Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Look: New Epaulet x Mark McNairy

I am happy to finally be able to share with you guys the exclusive new Epaulet x Mark McNairy New Amsterdam run of shoes.  While Epaulet has stocked McNairy's line of shoes before, this is the first run of makeups exclusively created for Epaulet.  When these two get together you have an absolute sartorial match made in heaven.  For starters, Epaulet is a great shop and is run by even better folks.  Mike, his fiance Adele and the whole Epaulet crew are incredibly passionate about the gear they put their name on and sell in their store (oh yeah, I hear that when it comes to karaoke they shut it down).  There is not a doubt in my mind that Epaulet is one of the best pound for pound shops in the USA.  On the other end you have Mr. Mark McNairy who needs no introduction.  The creative director of J. Press and general badass trad master's New Amsterdam shoe collection is some of the finest footwear in the world and my own personal favorite.  The New Amsterdam line is rare in the fact that it perfectly blends both American and British sensibilities to create shoes that you'd sell your first born to get a hold of, but then again I'm without child (fingers crossed).  With that being said the three new styles and one restock of McNairy's currently available at Epaulet are a force to be reckoned with.

"Red Brick Soul" Suede Captoe Boot...$325.00

First up is a cap toe boot in beautiful chestnut suede.  While you might have seen a similar boot in the ACL shop, this particular makeup is of the darker variety.  I love red brick sole anything and when McNairy does it, well, it's just...butter.  I can already see these going absolutely perfect with a pair of rolled up chinos and worn sockless when the weather warms up.  The best thing about an RBS shoe is that the sole really gives it a year round versatility.  The details (present on the others as well) are all accounted for with brass eyelets, waxed laces and a nylon rear pull up strap.

Crepe Soul Chukka Boot...$365.00

Hide your desert boots kids because this chukka don't play.   Swapping out the traditional suede for a waxy cowhide, this take on a classic is probably my favorite makeup available.  I can't get over the extra thick crepe sole and since the shoe is Goodyear welted (as are all of the Epaulet x New Amsterdam models) there is no issue when it comes to resoling.  If you aren't already picturing yourself rocking these sockless with your favorite pair of shorts then I think you are reading the wrong blog my friend.  I'm reserving my pair as we speak.

Field Boot...$395.00

No one does black boots better than Epaulet.  Just like their Black & Tan Indy boot, this diesel offering tows the line between military and main street.  The contrast of the welt looks spectacular against the same waxy cowhide used on the chukka.  With an oil-resistant synthetic rubber lug sole this boot is just at home in the country as it is as your everyday walker. With both comfort and style in spades this boot is truly a gentle giant.

Navy Saddle Shoe...$295.00

Epaulet's best selling McNairy shoe is back for round two.  This navy saddle on a red brick soul is the quintessential spring and summer knockabout.  Besides the spectacular three tone action these saddles have going on they come equipped with the best shaped toe in the business.  Saddle shoes are a classic wardrobe staple for any guy and what better way to introduce or upgrade your own then with the best pair on the market.


p.s. Word on the street is that a white suede longwing is also headed our way at some point.  When that drops I'll be the guy with the exploding head.

A huge thank you (these words are surely not enough) goes out to Mike, Adele and everyone at Epaulet for not only reinforcing the nonsense that goes on here at Sartorially Inclined, but for truly believing in what I do.  You guys are a personal inspiration and I can't wait until we finally bring the house down with a hammered, yet touching rendition of "Rich Girl".


  1. Oh Snap! These are beautiful. I've been sleeping on Epaulet. Not anymore though.

  2. The cap toe is a great alternative to a similar pair of boots by Yuketen. My favorite has to be the Navy Saddle Shoe though. I'm torn between that, and the standard navy bucks.

  3. I kind of want the Field Boots.. for myself. Nice job on the new site look.

  4. The site looks very clean and professional. Easy to read and easy on the eyes...

  5. Those are some of the greatest shoes and boots I've ever seen.

  6. I agree with your mom. The site looks great - well done.

  7. How much more love could I have for saddle shoes? None.