Monday, January 18, 2010

Garbage Truck Minimalism

My Mom is always sending me crazy emails.  Whether inspirational stories, terrible jokes or just insane images I usually scan through and laugh to myself about how I have somehow found myself in the middle of some cute mom email chain.  An email I received tonight was more of the same, consisting of dollar bill origami, but towards the end of the email there was a series of photos of some guy's apartment that really blew me away.

While this isn't exactly a converted garbage truck, but a UNICAT mobile home, this guy still lives in one of the coolest, minimalist (mobile) homes I have ever seen.  I don't normally do posts on design, but this was too rad not to share. Take a look and weep at the fact that this is way cooler than any place you have ever lived. 




  1. Talk about trashy...

    I kid, I kid. Great design.

  2. Um, yes, that is indeed awesome.

  3. Great use of space - I doubt they'd get kicked out of a Wal Mart parking lot.