Sunday, January 31, 2010

Attn: Martin + Osa New Arrivals

Martin + Osa's spring collection has hit their website and the iconic maritime styles are pretty damn good.  The thing about Martin + Osa is that their selection overall isn't as good as J. Crew's, but their top standout pieces can go toe to toe with anyone.  I especially love how unapologetic Martin + Osa is about biting well received brands and this collection takes obvious queues from Mister Freedom (the deck jacket and the nautical themed polo), Engineered Garments (the floral print shirts), and Drakes (the highland vest).  I'm never going to complain about this sort of thing because when it's done right it saves the consumer money.  As long as M+O don't mess things up they have my blessings.

Also of note are the Ray Ban High Street Wayfarers for sale, which are "part of Ray-Ban's High Street collection, the newest interpretation of their legendary Wayfarer subtly softens the classic look with taller, rounded lenses."  I may have to do some research on this collection as this is the first time I've heard of such a line.  I'll get back to you.

The new arrivals are available for purchases here and check out all of my personal favorites below.




  1. You have any experience with the fit and quality of Martin + Osa stuff? I still to this day have never met someone who has purchased from there. And I like some of the stuff. Call it the Abercrombie hangover?
    Although let's be honest - A&F was the freshest out there back in junior high. I bet half the "men's style" blogosphere that has adopted the non-trend, trend these days was rocking that stuff. Oh and Stussy...I used to love Stussy.

    Let's do a case study on that. Break into people's personal photo archives and bring back the brutal honesty in a world where you can reinvent yourself just by opening up a new blog. We are all better off stylistically speaking by having access to more information and reversing course back to good core basics, but never pretend you've been rocking that style since 3rd grade....unless you have, and then just consider yourself lucky that what's old is new again :) I dare you to fire up your DeLorean, travel back to the 1980s and find a pair of Red Wings on one of us during junior high if we grew up in a big metropolitan city.

    Don't forget your past - embrace it and on occasion laugh at it; it's so much more refreshing and removes the innately uppity nature of this forum we all love so dearly.

    How's that for potentially opening a can of worms? No clue where this all came from - certainly not as negative a place as it sounds like it's coming from :) Maybe I just want to be able to wear all those Girbaud jeans that are sitting in the cedar closet...ha

  2. There's an M+O in Seattle and I always forget to go. That salmon sweatshirt is fire.

    Been icy since day one.

  3. Don, I have bought a few basic pieces from M+O over the years. A few t-shirts, some cord jeans, and a plaid shirt. All have been good quality, better than comparably priced stuff I have gotten from Banana or J. Crew.

    That said, I'm still waiting for them to really develop an identity. I love the interior design of the store, but have always found the men's collection on an Eddie Bauer-level of bland. It's a little too safe. Kinda J. Crew about 6-7 years ago.