Friday, November 6, 2009

Your Red Wings Are Great But...

[Pictured: Thorogood for Epaulet Horeshide Work Boot. Availabe for $195.]

...I think I'll take these.  I was going to do a whole post on Thorogood, but this will suffice for the time being.  This is kind of an ironic post since just this afternoon I was telling my brother how awesome his new Red Wings are.  Not that they aren't awesome, but, sorry Doug, they aren't this awesome.


p.s. Epaulet has to be my favorite shop right now based solely on my online experience.  Every time I post about their products I literally have nothing to say because I'm straight speechless.  Check 'em out and buy something.  Sart Inc's new Mark McNairy kicks may have just arrived at home in Jersey, just in time for the Holidays.


  1. Can you post a picture of your brother's new Red Wings?

  2. fpr4- I'll talk to him tomorrow and see if I can procure a pic or two. If I can get something quality from him I'll throw em up.

  3. I really like the Eastland Woodsman boots you posted earlier, also. I'm not as big of a label-whore as I used to be, so I might look into those.