Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: The Man In Black

[Pictured: Johnny Cash October 5th, 1965. "Johnny Cash Makes Bond."  Picture courtesy of The Selvedge Yard.]

There may not be a better blog out there than The Selvedge Yard, which churns out fascinating hybrid history lessons/photo essays like I spew sartorially nonsense.  Last week JP featured back to back posts on the one and only, Johnny Cash aka The Man In Black.  Filled with insight and rare pictures, they have easily been the best online reads I've found in a while.  Johnny Cash, his music and his style require no further explanation from yours truly.  Check out the two posts on Cash and browse through TSY if you have Veterans Day off from work and appreciate a true American rebel spirit.

Also, my thanks, thoughts and prayers go out to the brave Vets, past and present, of this great nation.


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