Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bargain Cool Wrap-Up

The Gap cardigan talked about way back when both here and at the old men.style.com have finally hit the online market place.  While I was really excited at the time and singing the praises of Patrick Robinson, I'm not that blown away anymore.  I'll be the first to admit that since Patrick took over the creative duties at Gap things have improved greatly, but I can't get behind this (I guess this post's title is a little misleading).  First off, it is a zippered cardigan (where's the buttons) and the design is also kind of lame (not retro cool or whatever).  Anyhow, just tying up loose ends and giving you the chance to check it all out for yourself.


Eagle full-zip cardigan...$148.00


  1. Pockets on sweaters have always been kinda' frumpy looking. You know what I mean? Leave the pockets to the hoodies Mr. Designer.

  2. I like patch pockets on cardigans (vertical), but not slant or sideways. No go on the zipper or design either.

  3. looks like a cowichan sweater to me

  4. Tim- It sure does, though in my eyes thats not necessarily a compliment, haha.