Friday, November 13, 2009

The L.L. Bean Town and Field Pant

[Note: Airport delays = unintentional blog spew.]

L.L. Bean is famous for it's customer service so it should have been no surprise that their public relations department was so kind in helping me procure some information regarding their new Town and Field Pant.  The Town and Field has gotten props already, but on the heels of my business casual post I felt it necessary to chime in on the essential trouser for fall.

Outdoorsy, but still perfect for the office in colder months, the Town and Field is the best pair of pants L.L. Bean has offered in a long time.  They are made of 100% wool flannel, feature an updated trim cut and to top it all off come equipped with back flap button-through pockets.  For under $100 I can't think of a better off the rack trouser for F/W.  Here is what Don Rogers, L.L. Bean's product line manager in charge of the pants creation, had to say...

"The development process for this program started with the desire to create a pant that could literally go from town to country.  Something that could be worn for a day of 'leaf peeping' and a light hike and then move seamlessly to dinner and drinks at the inn. We wanted to use fabrics that had strong outdoor pedigree and work well when the temperature starts to dip.  Wool flannel has been an outdoor staple since the beginning due to its warmth, whether wet or dry and its durable construction.  The same goes for the brushed twill we used, the rugged twill weave in a mid weight makes for a very durable cloth while the brushed finish provides exceptional comfort.  We teamed these classic fabrics with clean plain front styling for the perfect weekend getaway pant."

I'm sold and so should you.  Pick them up here for $89 in both olive (see below) and charcoal before you go slug some hard cider at your local inn. And oh yeah, they cuff them for free so take advantage of that.


Special thanks to both Mary and Laurie over at L.L. Bean!


  1. You just couldn't stay away.

    Great post as usual.

  2. Cool look. I just can't go for cuffs after years of childhood cuffing trauma.