Monday, November 16, 2009

Lusting After: Alden Suede Lace Up Derby Shoes

 [Pictured: Alden Suede Lace Up Derby Shoes available at Browns. Found via Mister Crew.]

Blue suede shoes probably get more play from me then your average blogger, but I'm a sucker for a good looking, colored shoe that's toes the line between cheeky and classy.  Since I don't happen to have a cool $742 lying around, and I have a pair of these waiting for me back in NJ, I think I'm just going to stare for the time being.  However, if you are in the market for your own blue suede shoes and have some money burning a hole under your mattress these lace ups from Alden may be right up your alley.



  1. Beautiful shoes but certainly not a staple... maybe when your social security check starts coming in? I'm not sure I could justify spending $742 on a shoe that isn't a closet staple. Actually, I'm not sure I could justify spending $742 on any shoe.

  2. Ehtusiast- I agree. Justifying anything north of $500 is tough. I'll stick with my Mark McNairy blue suede chukkas. My "lusting after" posts are quickly getting way out of hand...

  3. Those suede chukkas are amazing. Throw up a picture when you get home if you want, it'd be great to see 'em in action.

    I asked my parents for some blue suede Clark db's for my birthday. We'll see.

  4. I've got to say, the pricing on these is absurd. Shell cordovan isn't that much. Perhaps you should talk to the lads at Leffot or Leather Soul, i'm sure you might be able to talk them into a run around Elvis' birthday and get two for a little more than the price of one from England

  5. Conor- I'm most def. going to do a post on the McNairy chukkas...they are too good to not talk about every chance I get.

    James- The pricing is, but we are talking about an American made specialty shoe being sold in the UK so while it is ridiculous, I'm not surprised. Let me look into Elvis' BDAY and make some calls/emails...that really is a great idea.