Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Looks: The Shirt Jacket

When I'm out running errands on the weekend in Charlotte's fall weather I pretty much only need one serious layer of outerwear.  A down vest or a sweatshirt is typically enough to keep me feeling just right as I head out to Target, Harris Teeter or where ever. While layering up is always clutch, it's often not completely necessary, especially if you live where the climate is decidedly moderate.  With all that being said, my current weekend getup of a basic tee, APC's and one aforementioned top layer could use a breath of fresh air.  The shirt jacket is something that could help take some pressure off my, and your, other outerwear.

For those of you who live in much colder areas, the shirt jacket can be just as useful.  When things get real cold outside and your peacoat just isn't doing it, the shirt jacket can be a seriously warm middle layer.  Odds are its plaid print will stand out against your dark outerwear (much like a plaid scarf), so it'll look pretty good as it gets the job done.

Shirt jackets, or really heavy shirts (often lined) that can function as a lightweight jacket, are pretty easy to find from most of the usual suspects.  No matter what you're into you can easily find a shirt jacket that syncs up with your current wardrobe (I'll be the first to admit that red and black buffalo check is not my thing).  Most are made of a heavy duty fabric, such as wool, and will often come with a unremovable liner.  The extra fabric adds warmth, no doubt, but this comes at a price.  Most shirt jackets are going to run you in the $100 and up range, but when you consider how it can replace a $300 jacket, it pales in comparison.  Here are some options to considering adding to the weekend rotation...

L.L Bean Washable Wool Jac-Shirt...$59.00

L.L. Bean Lined Allagash Shirt-Jac Buffalo Plaid...$89.00

Filson Jac Shirt...$155.00

J. Crew Buffalo Check Shirt Jacket...$98.00

Woolrich Woolen Mills Ranger Shirt Hombre Wool...$225.00

Penfield Meeker...$106.00

Pendleton Westwood Shirt Jac...$158.00



  1. So which one is your favorite?

  2. Daryl- The Penfield Meeker for sure. Hooded x cords has me sold.

  3. That Penfield is choice for sure!
    I enjoy the blog, keep it up!

  4. William- Thanks man...and yeah the penfield is killer, def. my favorite of the bunch.

  5. Filson. Simple and Comfortable!

    Actually, I think my dad took my Filson catalog. I think he's becoming a believer.

  6. OMG, the Penfield!! (Apparently, that was everyone else's choice too...)

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