Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lusting After: Clarks Weaver

[Pictured: Clarks Weaver.  Picture courtesy of Hypebeast.]

As an amateur and unapologetic Clarks historian/entusiast The Weaver is always in the back of my mind.  One of the holy grail designs straight out of the archive, this Clarks Original is a total gem.  Resembling a low-top Wallabee with serious moccasin details, this shoe is just as versatile as you have come to expect of Clarks.  Usually available in limited runs at exclusive British retailers, it is just as much of an essential to any collector as it is to the casual wearer.  I've been thinking of getting a pair for quite sometime, but have yet to get my hands on an actual pair.  As my restless nature has me already thinking ahead to spring, I see The Weaver as a great option for many a sockless jaunt.  Despite their rare nature and exclusive aura, the price is pretty easy at around $120.  I love the sand suede colorway above (a Clarks staple), but they also look great in brown leather.  Currently available here and here.  While the big three are always a safe bet, it never hurts to branch out a little.  If you see your size I would get on it asap.



  1. got a few older pairs of p&b wallys including these weavers, love em. glad they got new ones out!

  2. Was just eyeing these in an issue of Free&Easy mag. A must have. I gotta put these on my Xmas list?

  3. Quite an attractive shoe for a good price, i could picture myself wearing these with some trousers i bought recently. Good post.


  4. I have a pair of originals desert boots and I love them. They're super rugged, but still comfortable. Great for working on stuff or goofing around on our motorcycles.

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