Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Bean Boot Project: Backstory and The Trad Guest Post

A while back, when this blog was very new, I decided to it would be fun to do a tribute of sorts to the L.L. Bean boot.  It only takes a quick glance at my banner to realize how much this one piece of clothing embodies the overall vision and aesthetic of not only this blog, but my own personal style.  Without getting all academic on you, my goal was to frame an essay around how the boot's unique and shared reality is relatable to a lot of different people.  The plan was to reach out to a bunch of my favorite bloggers and have them comment, be it through pictures or the written word, on their own experience with the iconic footwear.  I was genuinely surprised at the level of interest my initial attempts at reaching out across the menswear blogosphere generated, but as time passed it became clear that it would be very difficult to procure actual submissions as everyone involved was extremely busy.  Luckily for me, I was able to secure select content which will now finally see the light of day.  In an attempt to move forward with a project that still means a lot to me I am going to periodically throw up what I do have as guest posts.  The new vision for the project is to highlight not only the Bean boot, but also the individuals that continue to inspire me on a daily basis.  I hope you guys enjoy these guest posts and I look forward to seeing this incarnation of the project materialize.  The Trad will be the first inaugural guest post in a series I have so creatively dubbed, "The Bean Boot Project".

The Trad needs no introduction.  The blog and it's author, tintin, have become somewhat of celebrities in this community thanks to writing that not only explores traditional clothing and lifestyle, but the stories, experiences and emotions that come along with all that great stuff.  Tintin is an observant author, whose prose alone will make you ashamed of your writing (I mean that in the best way possible).  Many cheers and much thanks to The Trad for not only his submission, but for his continued support of me and what I am trying to accomplish here at Sartorially Inclined.

Tintin's piece on the Bean boot is much like his own blog: insightful, efficient and biting...

"The Trad targets the L.L. Bean Marketing Department."


[Note: If you are reading this and I requested a submission from you or if you would just like to participate please feel free to submit (contact via email).  Your participation, as always, is still much anticipated and appreciated.]


  1. I still remember when I ordered my first pair in 6th grade, rushing home from field hockey practice every day for a solid week waiting for UPS to deliver the basic brown box with the green & white label. I still remember how they smelled fresh out of the box... that combination of leather & rubber is like nothing else. Like the oiled wool of Bean's norwegian sweater -- there is no substitute.

  2. loving this project dude, incredible idea no doubt about that

  3. Holly- Thanks for sharing that should have emailed it to me with a pic for a guest post!

    Paul- The kind words are appreciated...this specific project means a ton to me.

  4. Since we're talkin' Bean Boots...
    I have my own personal Bean Boot project going on. I wear a size 11 1/2 to 12 normally, so I got the Bean 8" Thinsulate in 11...too big. Went to retail store, they didn't have anything in a 10. So I ordered three different styles in 10 online and they are being delivered to the store...that is my Bean Boot project.