Monday, November 30, 2009

On The Fence: Statement Cords

[Pictured: Polo Slim-fit Corduroy Jean available for $69.99.]

Dan's most recent post on some serious "go-to-hell" holiday gear alerted me to some cord's on sale over at Polo.  These are not for the faint of heart or your average sartorially novice.  Anyone can (and should) rock a pair of muted cords as a nice alternative to your jeans and chinos, but boy are these "loud" for lack of a better term.  You're probably not going to find me wearing any of these, though the blue ones do strike a certain...c(h)ord?  Strictly for the bold and those trying to turn heads at their company's Christmas party.



  1. I love 'em...with the 10" Bean boots, too? "it's muuuuurder!"

  2. Jump the fence! Once you start wearing them you won't want to stop.

  3. KJ- Don't get me started on Bean Boots...haha. The green ones tucked into a pair of bean boots would be killer.

    Brian- Still not sure if I can just THIS high.

  4. You want to see some other crazy colored cords? Check these:

    I own the Mint Juleps and the Imperial Navys. Mint Juleps get tooooooooonnnnnnsssss of looks in the summer months. Guys hate on them occasionally , but girls love them.

    I posted a discount code on my post about Bonobos if anyone is ever interested in trying a pair, risk-free.

  5. I don't know if rust-colored cords are considered GTH, but that's about as far as I would go in terms of boldness.

  6. Don...I almost bought the red bonobos a while back after seeing the post on concern was the boot cut look in the photos?

    L---this is surely a first....2 Delaware guys commenting on the same post. Brian, great blog (get at me interests and less than an hour apart, thought I was the only one here in DE) L--sorry for hijacking the post.

  7. Joe- No worries, I would hope this blog is a forum for conversation at the very least. Not to mention, you are going to be hijacking Sart Inc. with your guest post later tonight, haha.

  8. Joe - I'm actually wearing my boot cut Clean Slates right now. I don't mind the boot, even thought I'm more of a straight leg fan personally. But again, the risk is so small to try them. Free shipping both ways, return any pants any time, sale today + 15% discount? If you were ever considering, now would be the time IMHO. Let me know if you pull the trigger. Perfect for Christmas parties this year!! haha

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