Thursday, November 12, 2009

There Will Be Hipsters

[Pictured: Daniel Day-Lewis or L.E.S Artiste? You be the judge.]

If you haven't already seen this, take some time to read  "This Just In from the 1890's".  The article is an interesting look from the NY Times on the trend of 19th Century American revial that is currently going strong.  Siting current brands, resturants, and films (with a special focus on NYC's Lower East Side) the article explores the trend's influence on art, fashion and design.  I personally believe the tipping point was the widespread acclaim attached to There Will Be Blood, but it's one of my favorite movies so I'm kind of biased.  Read it and weigh in.



  1. The worst part of that is that people will think my sweet stache is a hipster thing.

    And that's a great movie, just started re-watching it earlier this week.

  2. Conor- It's a crying shame because your stache is badass dude.

  3. I read this article when I picked up the Times for Gov't class. Knickers? Hipsters wear knickers? I cannot say that I've seen this in real life. I guess that means that I'm just a culturally unrelevant person. And to think that I thought I was doing so well. But really, there's a difference between costume-y and wearing everyday clothes. I guess these theoretical 'hipsters' (I use quotations as I'm not sure that these knicker girding buffoons actually exist) fall into the former catergory. If I start dressing up in costumes, some one please, stop me from going out the door.

    Sidenote: Did you see the article about Ance jeans a few weeks ago? The Times always seems to write generally vague article about men's fashion(?). I wish they'd go into some detail, as the writers certainly have enough talent.

  4. Enthusiast- Missed the Acne


  6. Thanks for the heads up! Will definitely be reading this once I get home from work!