Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: The American Man

[Pictured:  "The American Man" photographed by Jody Rogac by way of Inventory.]

I saw some of Jody's pictures over at Inventory Updates yesterday and was impressed with the subtlety with which she captured some of today's most influential menswear designers and personal heroes of mine.  "The American Man" and accompanying portraits will be appearing in the next issue (I assume) of City Magazine.  Head over to Jody's website for more of her craft or just check out these pics of Scott, Robby and Pat.



  1. love those images, the guy in the chambray looks like a POS hipster, but I really like how he is styled.

  2. Aaron - That's Robert Geller, most famous for his own line and his callabo line with Levis (He won the best young designer GQ contest). His haircut is suspect, but who am I to judge?