Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wallabee Round Up

[Crap weather has me indoors, upset and bored...]

[Pictured: A young JFK Jr. waspin' out in his Wallys.]

Back in September Clark's Wallabees had a deserved moment in the spotlight.  James highlighted them over at Seceret Forts, which Valet in turn put up, and Patrik Ervell used them as the shoes for his S/S '10 show.  Any reasonable person hopefully realized that spotlight or not that these Clark's Originals were kicks you wanted to have on your radar.  I love the Clark's Originals and all of them have been staples in my wardrobe at some point or another.  Fast-forward to two months later, and Wally's seem to be popping up all over the place again.

[Pictured: atmos x Clarks. Picture courtesy of Hypebeast.]

On Thursday Hypebeast reported on the new atmos x Clarks buffalo check Wallabees.  These are pretty aggressive especially considering how the Wallabee is already made for colder months.  The standard suede colors that are typically offered look great and this new collaboration should serve as a reminder to a lot of people that when it comes to the classics, "less is always more".

Moving on, J. Crew has been rolling out their holiday selections (I talked about their fantastic new sun-washed flannel already) and it appears as if everything has finally made it's way to the website.  J. Crew has always done a great job with its footwear, offering collaborations and exclusives that span the spectrum from Sperry to Red Wing.  Some time in the fall they began offering Clarks Wallabees in a bunch of the standard colors, and while it's nothing but what has been offered by Clarks, themselves, it is an endorsement nonetheless.  Just hear how the website gushes about the shoe: "We absolutely love its wear-with-everything versatility and timeless look, which is why we were more than happy to add it to our roster of cherished classics."  I find this extremely ironic since it wasn't too long ago that J. Crew was selling its own horrid Wallabee knock-of, known as the Sydney.  At the end of the day at least J. Crew is finally selling the real thing.

[Pictured: Barbour x Clarks.  Picture Courtesy of Selectism.]

Finally, and most interestingly of all, Selectism presented this gem today.  Yes, that's right, a Barbour x Clarks Wallabee that will most likely never see the light of day.  I'd trade in all my Clarks for this in a heartbeat, but that's probably a moot point.  I wish I had more information on the origin of this for both me and you, but alas all we have are three tantalizing pics of what can be best described as the Clarks unicorn. 

So there you have it, another push for you to get up off your ass and get a pair (or stay on your ass and hit the online store).  Get the boot version and wear them straight through to summer or if you have the low tops don't even bother taking them off.  If you already have a pair, but they need a little assistance, Valet talked about getting them resoled a little while back as well. Buying Clarks is a vote for perpetual style.  That's a vote well cast. 'Nuf said.



  1. Those Wallabees on your feet in the little profile window was the reason i came to this blog in the first. I'm partial to a leather Wally which was my first real purchase of the fall in brown. Those Barbour colab's are the business though! Great post.

  2. I had a pair "low-top" Wallabees back in college. Due to sockless wear, they eventually reached the point where they were unwearable (or unbearable). I got a "high-top" pair afterward, but have never really liked them as much.

  3. Wallabees are just plain classic. I've got 3 pairs. I saw that Selectism post about the Barbour Wallabees earlier today. Those are ridiculous. It needs to happen. Seriously.

  4. I'm with Trip: 'low top' Wallabees + sockless = top shelf.

  5. junctioned- I guess you could say they are my "calling card". And "the business" is gonna be my new that cool? haha

    Trip- I have a pair of Desert Treks that are currently on their way to "unbearable" but I just cant bring myself to lose em...low top or high top, I rep. for Clarks all day.

    Newgrass- Agreed, but let's be honest, we probably never going to see them in person.

    JRS- I'm gonna grab a pair of those right as the weather warms up and make them the cornerstone of my spring look.

  6. Love those wallabee boots, i wanted some of a similar style in a plain black color. Might get back out on the lookout for that!

    I'm new to this fashion blogging, think it's a great outlet to discuss ideas/trends. Just starting a mens based blog, if you could check it out and give me any advice, it'd be much appreciated (:

  7. 501+chestnut suede wally=quality never goes out of style if you're not standing on good looks alone.

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