Friday, November 6, 2009

Stumbled Across: Nautical Find

[Pictured: Dope Culture Royalty Embroidered Rugby Tee available for $32.00.]

I randomly found this tee at a streetwear site and while it's a little steep at $32 it's definitely awesome.  Not only does it have really wide nautical horizontal stripes, but an anchor emblem to boot!  If there was ever a tee tailored made for your Sperry Bahamas (I am so getting those in case you were wondering. I mean, c'mon, "waxy finish"...sold) this is it.  Talk about some super serious S/S wear.  I'd rock this down at LBI or Lake Norman all day, er' day.  Fo' sho'. God, I'm white.



  1. the anchor logo is really this. but you knew that...

  2. James - You're an encyclopedia dude.