Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stumbled Across: Token

Bags often get overlooked here at Sartorially Inclined, but every now and then we get a little inspired and throw up a post.  Dan, who runs Disaffected Prep, had another great post on Porter Street Bags the other day and I got to thinking and browsing.  During my internet travels I stumbled across the New York based brand Token whose simple and unadorned canvas, nylon and leather bags impressed the hell outta me.  If I were designing bags, these are surely how they would look (manly, leather accents, etc.).  Token's offerings are reasonably priced and have some great color options to add a little something-something, not to mention they come in a bunch of shapes and sizes for all your carrying needs.  Check out a description straight from the source and some of my favorite offerings all for under $250, available here.

"The story of Token is inextricably tied to Manhattan Portage, where the concept of designing practical urban luggage was first etched out as a philosophy in the 1980s. Manhattan Portage grew steadily by implementing sound production techniques, classic design and developing a loyal customer base that valued its small-business mindset. Using the same core values, fast forward to 2006, when Manhattan Portage released Token to the market as a well-considered effort to bring consumers a more directional brand with exclusive materials and premium flourishes. As the brand says: 'Our customers have grown, many of their needs have changed, how they work is different, the way they travel has changed and their lifestyles have matured.'"

"Token's pieces are a counter-point to ostentatious label carrying, and cater to professionals seeking practical, durable design, a refined but bold aesthetic and elegant workmanship."

Amen to that Token. Amen.


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