Monday, November 16, 2009

Attn: The Pop-Up Flee

[Pictured: Pop-Up Flee flier courtesy of ACL.]

If you've already read about this, I apologize.  If you haven't, well then I guess I'm doing my job.  Randy Golberg and Michael Williams (aka "A Continuous Goldberg") are putting on their second annual pop-up flee later this week and you should make the trip if you can.  I heard last years was awesome and I can't imagine this year's being anything short of the same (peep the flyer for the list of participants).  The biggest news is obviously the debut of Michael's ACL & Co. NY products.  While the shop is going live next week, the flee will be your first chance to check out and/or pick up the highly anticipated products.  Here is the website and below you'll find all the pertinent information courtesy of ACL.  Take advantage.  I know I would in a heartbeat if I could.

"Announcing the lineup for the second ever Pop Up Flea. Everything kicks off this Friday afternoon at 3pm and runs throughout the weekend. The complete dates and times are below. See you there.
Friday, November 20th, 3pm-9pm
Saturday November 21st, 11am-7pm and Sunday the 22nd 11am-6pm.
201 Mulberry Street, Between Spring and Kenmare
New York City
Get Handsome."