Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Afternoon Recon: Epaulet

After all the times I've recommended goods from Epaulet's online shop, I was finally able to head out to their physical location and do a little recon.  Black Friday probably wasn't the ideal time to head on over, but luckily for myself and my brother the throngs of middle America consumers were busy tearing apart the Walmarts and Kohls of the world.

Right down the street from another great shop, Smith + Butler, Epaulet is an expertly curated men's and women's clothing store in Brooklyn, NY.  They carry their own brand as well as some top-notch quality goods from Gant, Alden, Mark McNairy, etc.  I was lucky enough to chat with Mike, the shop's owner, for quite some time about the Pop-up Flea, their current selection of goods and the new stuff they have coming up.  He's an extremely nice and knowledgeable guy who is enthusiastic about his brand.  I highly recommend stopping by the shop even if just to chat.

Epaulet's footwear selection is second to none as far as independent establishments are concerned.  Not only are they the only current Mark McNairy account of a store their size, but they have a some really cool collaborations with Alden and Thorogood on sale.  I want to specifically highlight the new Alden Indy Boot the shop is currently offereing.  Dubbed "The Officer's Boot" (see below) this may be the classiest Indy Boot I've ever seen.  For anyone who likes the boot, but wants something a little less rugged I highly recommend asking Santa for this badboy.

[Pictured: Alden x Epaulet Officer Boot.  Picture courtesy of Dan from Disaffected Prep.]

The apparel, much like the footwear, is solid and I was really blown away with the quality of Epaulet's own shirting line.  The Epaulet x Mark McNairy oxfords are wishlist worthy and their flannels, made from 100% Pima cotton straight form Portugal, are the softest flannels I have ever felt, hands down.  Their neckwear is equally as impressive and I made it a priority to pick up their blackwatch plaid bowtie which was featured over at Inventory Updates a little while back.

Overall, I had an extremely enjoyable afternoon shopping, chatting and hanging out over at Epaulet.  It's great to finally get to know some of the people behind a shop I've been championing for a while.  Epaulet's products should continue to pop up over here as some of the stuff they have coming up is going to be pretty awesome (suit separates, new boots, etc) .  Head over to their webstite to do some holiday shopping or if you have the time, stop by the shop and chat with Mike about all the cool stuff they have going on.  Thanks to Epaulet for being gracious hosts and continuing to put out fantastic stuff.

p.s. Check back for a post regarding my own purchases from Epaulet: A pair of Mark McNairy Red Brick Soul Chukkas and the blackwatch bowtie.



  1. The dark brown/black sole and eyelets make the boot just a little bit more formal so you could put up Christmas lights (lets be honest, only a few of us actually chop wood) or rake some leaves and after you're done, shine these babies up a bit and take them to anywhere where you need a little more formality.

    Once again, you're killing it with the posts.

  2. Enthusiast- Thanks man. Just tryna get out there, away from the keyboard and meet some cool folks.

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