Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: Too Cool For School

[Pictured: Students at Yale University, 1965. Picture courtesy of the Life Magazine Archives.]

I'm not sure what it is, but I've been on a crazy Ivy style kick recently and I can't seem to shake it.  Maybe its my restlessness thinking towards spring, pants with no break, and ditching my socks.  Maybe it was the eye-opening article on Ivy Style today concerning the first Japanese ivy rebels..who knows?  Regardless, I'm seeing ivy everywhere and I really can't complain.  1950's and 1960's ivy style was pretty damn clean (see the above picture for further evidence).  These cats knew they were the bees knees and dressed like it too.  Apparently Dad's money went a long way with the New Haven haberdashers.

The above pic is my favorite I've come across from the last week and it appears to be from a piece Life did back in 1965 on a freshman named Timothy Thompson.  Tim was the proverbial "fish out of water" who was trying his hardest not to flunk out and Life decided he was worthy of a feature.  Tim is third from the right, looking quite befuddled and serves as a stark antithesis to that of Mr. Cool in the white chinos (you would think this kid was actually wearing the cat's pajamas).  Regardless of the smugness written all over his "I wear my sunglasses indoors" face, the dude does have some serious style.

Immaculate tailoring rules the day in this instance and I'm sure the Yale Co-eds of 1965 would agree with me.  Consider this post my endorsement of tailored blazers, showin' a little ankle and getting your ivy on with that patented and requisite "I'm better than you" swagger.  Every now and then it doesn't hurt to be too cool for school.


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  1. I don't understand why this style ever went away to begin with in America. It's so modern & stylish and really the way men should dress. It's a style that's so relevant to multiple groups (Trads,Euro's, Jazzers,hipsters, beatniks, salary men, Casuals, Preppies e.t.c).