Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Attn: Land's End Canvas Goes Live

 It appears as if Land's End has gotten the message.  Much like what L.L. Bean is doing with their Signature Collection (though to a much greater degree by bringing in Rogues Gallery's Alex Carelton), Land's End is releasing a line oriented to those seeking classic designs with updated fits.  Dubbed Land's End Canvas, the line shoots for "a collection of honest, well-crafted clothes with the relaxed, effortless style of authentic American Sportswear.  With a refined fit right for the times. Nothing contrived. Noting Artificial. Nothing you don't need."  The prices are ridiculously cheap (sans longwings which are made by Allen Edmonds and tagged at $325), so I'm not sure what can be made of the quality, but nonetheless it all appears at least headed in the right direction.  I may pick up a shirt or two so I'll be sure to update if need be, but according to the size chart it all seems legit.  The men's collection is still pretty thin, but check out the highlights, all available here...



  1. Looks promising. I'm feeling the peacoat and the midlength khaki. I'd have to find out a bit more before I'd go with a Lands End longwing though.

  2. Junctioned- They're made in the USA by Allen Edmonds so they are probably legit.

  3. Looks like J. Crew, but less expensive.

    This is not a bad thing.

    Would like to see how it fits.

  4. You can go to a Sears Store, and most have a Lands End Store within. It is called a Store within a Store. You can order items from their computers, if you don't see what you want, and get free shipping. Also, if you order from their catalog, from home, and want to return a Lands End product, you can bring it to Sears and look for the Lands End section and they will ship it for you for free. So, free returns and free shipping to you. Very good deal. I tried it and it worked well. Plus, the Lands End salespeople were extremely knowledgeable. They work for Lands End, not Sears. Try it !! Mindy from NJ

  5. i like that shawl sweater and that navy peacoat, but i feel as though i've already seen this before...

  6. Shirts: Nothing new here... I'll stick to LL Bean for my solids and elsewhere for my patterns.

    Pants: These are cheap. I might have to pay a visit to a shop to try them on. Not that I need anymore chinos or anything...

    Shoes: The desert boot looks like a Clark's and is priced like a Clark's. Is it a Clark's? I think Sperry offers a cheaper boat shoe. Though nice choice with the AE's.

    Overcoats: They pull these off the best. I will also have to go into shop to try on the pea coat. It'll be a nice alternative to my bomber, parka, and jean jacket.

    My overall impression? Not too shabby. I'd wear some of those pieces.

  7. Dan- Couldn't agree more. This is J. Crew minus some coinage.

    Mindy- Thanks for the tips Mom. HAHA.

    C.O.E- Agree on the shawl...pretty dope.

    Enthusiast- Regardless of whether its "been done before" I'm really digging the fit of the shirts (though that's based solely on the size chart).

  8. Wow, I really like it a lot. I honestly love landsend. They have a lot of reasonably priced staples.

    I am excited to see this stuff- I will be picking up the peacoat and the boot. Prob a shirt or two as well.

  9. JP- If you get some of this stuff, update us with how it fits!

  10. The writing has been on the wall for a while now. I'm just glad lands end appears to have gotten the message. The regular line is very high quality considering the often absurdly low prices. I can only hope the canvas line follows suit, and actually fits as advertised.

  11. was going to say J.crewish, but the rest of you have already made that point.

    I dig this stuff, although land's end, I have always dug for their Patagonia like guarantee.

    Nice reply to LL Bean