Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lusting After: Rogue Territory Work Shirts

As much as this blog may or may not be in workwear overdrive lately, I refuse to pass up on something great.  Rogue Territory makes "modern vintage workwear" and is committed to quality American manufacturing, so you know I'm already sold.  It also just so happens that their current collection of work shirts are right up my alley.  Now, as much as I love work shirts, I'm not about to buy something with 15 pockets because I don't need that many and, quite frankly, I think it looks kind of ridiculous.  Rogue Territory's work shirts have killer details (the pockets, placket and stitching look great) while not going overboard like a lot of other reinterpreted workwear you normally see.  The proportions looks great too, as I prefer a shorter shirt that when un-tucked looks just as clean as when it is tucked in.  I can foresee one of these shirts making my own holiday wishlist, though the one knock against these guys is their availability (exclusivity is awesome, but frustrating).  Without a webstore currently up and running, you can only get these at one of the retailers on Rogues Territory's stocklist.  So if you live in L.A., congratulations and I hate you.



  1. Those shirt-tails look almost too short to me. If one wanted to tuck the thing in, and I probably would, I doubt it would stay too long. I agree though, the detailing is just about right, not too much, not too little.

  2. Clinton- The shirt tails are pretty short, but that's one of the reasons I'm particularly feeling this shirt. I figure that since I'd probably be doing little to no actual no "work" in this shirt there would be no reason to tuck it in. Just my two cents, but yes...perfect amount of details.

  3. Dig 'em. Any idea on the price? I live in (near) LA so if they are somewhat affordable, they just make my Christmas list....sorry :) I'm digging the short shirt tails as well, but agree that it they won't stay tucked. I'm not much of a shirt tucker so I don't mind that.

  4. new grass- Not sure on the price...I'll try and get those figures from the Rogue Territory guys...

  5. Like these...

    Denim is so hot right now ! Although I would take my sleeves up.

    Florent -

  6. Hey guys this is Karl over at Rogue Territory. The shirts are selling at American Rag and Craft both in LA here's the pricing:

    Grey/Blue Chambray: $140

    Double Indigo: $180

    You can contact me directly if you have any other questions.

    you can also buy them online at search Rogue Territory.