Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lusting After: Baracuta Black Watch G9

[Pictured: Baracuta Blackwatch G9 Jacket.  Available at Asos...$383.72.]

When I saw this posted over at Inventory I geeked out a little more than usual.  I love Baracuta jackets (and golf jackets in general) and black watch plaid, so to call this the best of both worlds sounds about accurate.  The great thing about a lightweight jacket is that it'll last you half the year if you live in the right spot.  A Baracuta could easily suit a guy like me all Fall and all Spring.  While the price is a little steep, and you can easily get a Baractua G9 for at least $100 cheaper, this is pretty stellar.   For those looking into purchasing one of these let me recommend the G9 model.  It is the proverbial updated classic...a slimmer model that retains all the details that made it an icon in the first place.  Keep your eyes peeled for a much more in depth look at the Baracuta jacket at some point in the future.  Until then here's something to drool over...



  1. hah alright so now that i figured out that firefox was messing up my comments i have to go back and re do a few that didnt show up. like this one, because i've been on the same stint: the baracuta jacket and a white long sleeve james perse crewneck tee? what a look, what a look.

  2. RJ - Nice job cracking the case...I'm happy to have your insight over here at Sart Inc. If I was buying a Baracuta tomorrow I'd probably get the Khaki original (J. Crew sells it or at least used to) and wear it with everything. If the price wasn't so steep I'd own a few.

  3. I just bought this Baracuta Black Watch. It's quite handsome!