Saturday, November 28, 2009

Interview: Josh Rubin of Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting is one of my daily reads so when I was given the opportunity to shoot a couple of questions to editor in chief, Josh Rubin, I jumped at the opportunity.  Josh is a pretty impressive guy, who not only runs a great website, but is also the inventor/designer behind Freehands, a new style of gloves aimed at tech users.  At the end of the day, Josh understands utility and function, which is quite refreshing in an era when form usually takes center stage. I hope you all enjoy this little Q&A.

Could you please briefly describe your background?
I have been designing user interfaces for digital products and services for over 15 years. As a side project, in the beginning of 2003, I started Cool Hunting to catalog things I find inspiring. I always knew technology was my future but never realized I would get involved with my family's glove business.

Can you please explain Cool Hunting to those unfamiliar with the website?

Cool Hunting is a website for creative professionals to find new and inspiring stories and videos from a wide range of categories:  Art, design, style, technology, food, travel and music.

What made you decide to start Cool Hunting and where do you see the website going in the future?

I started Cool Hunting because I wanted to catalog the various things I found inspiring. It was meant to be a personal reference tool, but I shared it with friends and colleagues. After a couple of years lots of people were visiting the site and I had a chance to turn it in to a business by selling advertising.

As a designer do you possess an overall aesthetic and how much are you influenced by fashion in particular?
I guess my overall aesthetic is classic with an edge. I'm fascinated by fashion but my personal style is somewhat simple. That comes thru in Freehands because the line is pretty basic but has a twist of functionality. I place a lot of emphasis on utilitarian value. It's also important to me that the gloves are well priced, so many of the things I may choose to do in designing for myself as the audience have been simplified to get the price right.

Currently what are some of your favorite clothing brands?

My current favs include: Nice Collective, Apolis Activism, Isaora, Steven Alan, Burkman Brothers and Nau.

Do you have any specific sartorial inspiration for Fall?

Not really. With Freehands, it's more about the evolution of the fit and function than of the fashion.

p.s. Follow Josh on Twitter here and a special thanks goes out to Venessa Correa for setting everything up.


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