Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Bean Boot Project: A Curious Monogram Guest Post

Don is one of a select group of bloggers who me inspired to start Sartorially Inclined.  His little corner of the internet, A Curious Monogram, is a wonderful place to discover new music, inspiring photography and of course, some cool digs.  One of the most interesting things about Don, and why I appreciate his blog so much, is that he is actually putting himself out there and doing something tangible.  I don't have too many details for you, but I do know Don's shirting endeavor is off the ground and underway.  This is the kind of stuff I feed off of...the kind of stuff that really gets my blood flowing.  People, like Don, deciding to take their passions to the next level is something I will always look up to and hope to do one day myself when the time is right.  Until that day, I give my full support to folks like Don who continue to raise the bar, for all of us, everyday.  Stay tuned because I, and I'm sure Don, would hate to say, "I told ya so".

Don's guest post focuses on a particular image he stumbled across and what it means to him.  I'll present the image first and let Don explain it's inspiration.

[Picture courtesy of Grass Doe.]

"I'm not a photographer, or even a decent amateur snap and shot.  I wish I was.  So when I was I thinking about the project and how I could contribute, I did what I usually do; just keep it in the back of my mind when I'm partaking in one of my favorite pastimes - searching for the end of the Internet.  Luckily enough, the picture I found from Grass Doe was perfect and really struck me.  See, as a city-dweller / suburbanite all of my life, there has always been a certain romantic quality to being out in the wilderness and the clothing that was traditionally designed for it.  For whatever (weak) reasons, it has always felt a little contrived when I try and force some of those items into my wardrobe where the functional purposes of the clothing aren't being utilized the way they were envisioned.  However, there are certain items that crossover with their form and function fitting perfectly in both worlds.  The Bean Boot is one of these items, especially when the weather in Chicago acts up.  This picture though, perfectly portrayed the romanticism I mentioned earlier.  The Boot, as it was meant to be - out in the wilderness, amongst moss covered rocks, on a damp Fall day."


[Note: Head here for the project's backstory. Also, If you are reading this and I requested a submission from you or if you would just like to participate please feel free to submit (contact via email). Your participation, as always, is still much anticipated and appreciated.] 


  1. Thanks for the kind words and honored to be a part of a great project. The inspiration is mutual!

  2. excellent! btw you just got me into grass doe. money in the bank