Monday, November 2, 2009

The Key To Dressing Fine and Dandy

[Pictured: Fine and Dandy gold key tie bar.  Available here for $25.]

Since we are experiencing some technical difficulties at work let the office blogging commence...

This weekend saw not only the one year anniversay of Fine and Dandy, but saw the release of their gentlemanly 2009 lookbook.  Full of expertly curated outfits, the lookbook is a fun visual and great resource.  Between checking it out on Saturday and watching The Great Gatsby on Sunday, I'm in full on dandy overdrive.  Pay special attention to the gold key tie bar that makes it into a bunch of the about perfectly understated, classical detailing.  Congratulations are surely due to Matt Fox the shop's proprietor who, in my very limited dealings with, has been nothing short of great guy.  Spend a little at their fantastic shop and do some reading at their fantastic blog



  1. Pattern mixing in the second photo kills but I've never been a driving cap kid. It tends to look contrived on my oversized head.

  2. The pattern mixing in a lot of these looks are prime examples of how to do it. Just another reason why Fine and Dandy is awesome.