Saturday, November 21, 2009

People Who Are Doing Things Right: Pierrepont Hicks

If you follow me at all on Twitter you'll know that I've been championing a few smaller, upstart brands that I think people should know about.  Let's be honest, "people who are doing things right" are much more worthy of your hard earned dollars.  Pierrepont Hicks is a relatively new brand making men's neckwear who falls into this very category.

Mac and Kat are a husband and wife team from Minnesota who run Pierrepont Hicks.  Kate has experience at both Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, among other noted brands, and Mac's background is in real estate development and construction.  The birth of their daughter signaled a new direction for the couple and they formed Pierrepont Hicks.  Kat designs and Mac crunches the numbers, and together they have created some of the coolest neckwear I have seen in a while.  Just forward thinking enough, while still taking cues from the classics, these ties and bowties are just perfectly bold so you stand out.  The collection is something that I cosign 100%.  To top it all off, their ties are made right here in America, in the NY garment district, a place I know and love.  Mac is a great guy and is always looking to chat with customers and talk about his ties.  Check out the website here, follow them on twitter here, and be sure to check out the digital lookbook as it's really a treat.  Three cheers to Mac and Kat, Pierrepont Hicks and people who are doing things right.



  1. Nice. I'm all about this. I love J Crew and Bean, etc, but they really don't need me singing to the choir all the time. That's why I love Etsy so much.

    Thanks for bringing these guys to our attention.

  2. Those bows are bombin'. I couldn't find them on the site though. The necktie price seemed right though.

  3. Conor- Couldn't find the bowties...just head to the store here and click on the particular model you like and scroll down until you see the bowtie you want...they are $59.00

    Here's the link to my personal fave the "Field"