Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Yellow Rain Slicker

It's been raining here in The Queen City as of recent, so I thought this post to be quite relevant, at least to me and my fellow residents.  In a perfect world I'd have unlimited funds and a closet full of Macintosh's and Burberry trenches.  Since this is nowhere near the case, these classic pieces of English rain wear have yet to be sniped.  Just because I don't want to drop the coin on an upscale mac or trench does not mean I have run out of viable options.  When looking for clean, simple and classic rain gear you don't need to break the bank and you don't need to look across the Atlantic.

The yellow rain slicker is an iconic piece that is identifiable with the nautical history of this country. The timeless image of a fisherman clad in a yellow raincoat steering his ship amidst a treacherous storm is one that is familiar to many of us (whether or not you eat fishsticks).  There are a variety of  rain slickers available, but I particularly like L.L. Bean's offering.  It comes in both a coat and jacket cut, is available in the iconic yellow and will leave some money left over to go get yourself a pair of Bean Boots as well.

L.L. Bean Trail Model Coat/Jacket...$69.95/$59.95

p.s. Want to see how a yellow rain slicker is pulled off?  Look no further than the dapper gents over at Street Etiquette.



  1. Sperry OG found it crumpled in the barn...

  2. James- WOW. That is the definition of OG, haha. Does it fit? Do you wear that?

  3. I bought that Bean jacket (the short one) last year for the same effect: looks like a yellow slicker, but in breathable fabric. It should not be attempted by people who cannot deal with comparisons to the Gorton's fisherman.

  4. The neccessity of a rain slicker/jacket is crucial especially when you live in a wetlands area where you know a good amount of rain will be falling. I really like my J.crew one , I may try these LL bean rain jackets that I didnt even know were made

    thanks for the find and link to SE