Monday, November 23, 2009

Attn: ACL & Co. Shop Has Gone Live

This afternoon saw not only a feature on Valet (contains some insight into the shops conception and launch), but the launch of the official ACL & Co. shop.  Many of the products seen at this weekend's Pop-up Flea are now available for consumption online and I can already hear the blogosphere reaching into its collective wallet.  What we end up with are a variety of apparel and accesoires that are much in the vein of ACL's overall aesthetic.  Offerings are simple, classic and made in the USA (outside of the shoes, which were produced in England).

I particularly like the dirty bucks, which are a collaboration with Mark McNairy.  Mr. McNairy makes the finest shoes on the market, in my humble opinion, so I cannot wait to what else the shop carries in the near future (by the looks of the stuff for sale at the Pop-Up flea we are all in for a treat).  Some of the smaller items are cheap, while pretty much everything else is upscale.  Not to toot my own horn, but it also turns out I was spot on with the cargo pants revivalCheck it out and edit your Christmas list accordingly...

[All pictures courtesy of ACL.]



  1. The plaid document zip-bag is killer. Mr. Williams has that attention to old office supplies that tends to get overlooked. My favorite posts on ACL are those when he collects pictures of desk space.

  2. That cigarette bag is killer. Seems sold out already. Might have to pick it up when it comes back out. Its about the only thing I could afford though...