Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lusting After: Levi's Mended Western Denim Shirt

[Pictured: Levi's Mended Western Denim Shirt.  Available for $69.50.]

If you saw Robert Geller in my last "Wednesday Morning Inspiration Post", and your name is not Aaron Kirsch (just messin'), you noticed how effortlessly Mr. Geller combines multiple elements of denim.  Since I am nowhere near that level of badassery I tend to keep my demin pieces sqaurely at 1 per outfit.  I've got a bunch of jean jackets and some tastemaker jeans, but I do not own a serious denim shirt.  I've got chambray, which my clever friends refer to as demin, but nothing like the above offering from Levi's. 

You could probably go to a vintage spot and scour the racks to find something that resembles the Mended Western Denim shirt if you're lucky or you can just pony up at get this badboy.  Both the worn in workwear look ("sandblasted") and western yolk details really bring this shirt together, adding elements from multiple "genres".  The price tag is just as easy on the eyes as the cooper snap buttons, so snatch one up before your friends realize what a denim shirt is really supposed to look like.



  1. Great blog -- I just happened to come across it. Denim shirts make me nervous; I'm hardly brave enough to wear my chambray shirt with inky black jeans. Out of curiosity, what would you wear with a denim shirt such as this?


  2. Barron- Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words. If I was putting this shirt on, I'd have it unbuttoned over a plain white v-neck, some slim chinos (pressed for a little juxtaposition against the rugged shirt) and either a clean pair of sneaks (i.e. vans, sambas, etc) or Palladium boots.

  3. like your "putting on" thoughts but have to diverge on this shirt... recommend older denim/snaps from ebay, esp' carhartt (has to be the small tag like this , def' not the leathertte newer ones) have a hard time w the faux worn-in generally, just my 2¢

  4. James- I usually agree with vintage vs. new and all of my jean jackets are straight ebay/thrifted. For whatever reason I think its harder to find a cool, vintage denim shirt for a lot of people vs. finding a levi's trucker jacket. With that being said, I wanted to throw up an option if you don't have prime access to thrifting locales.

    Not to toot my own horn, but the "putting on" recommendation is one of my favorite outfits. I do it with chambray all the time and when it's nicer out it only looks better when you lose the socks and roll the chinos. But you probably already know this...