Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Bean Boot Project: 10engines Guest Post

Mr. James Fox needs no introduction.  In fact, odds are that his blog, 10engines, was one of a handfull of blogs that inspired you to start your own.  James' great eye, unique style of writing and varied background serve as the building blocks for a great blog.  When I see a new 10engines post on my blogroll I literally have no idea what I'm getting myself into and that may be the highest compliment I can pay any blogger.  Tweed, clothes for your whippersnappers and obscure lectures all show up over at 10engines and I wouldn't want it any other way.  James keeps it honest, nonjudgmental and in perspective.  As he once so expertly put it, "No pissing contests."

For his guest post, James gets nostalgic and puts himself out there.  He offers a little personal history about his childhood and brings it all full circle with Bean boots.  Meaningful and clever stuff for sure.

"I wore Bean boots all the time until we moved to Scotland (1980) and got teased to high hell. Hey, they are pretty odd looking. Damn older high school kids pickin' on the new guy.  Slightly scarred for life on that one...I was a little big for my age though, so when it came to rugby I f-kin romped...  (though I did spike the ball in the end zone for my first "try"... which then didn't count, you have to touch the ball to the ground in control... could not catch a break.)

Long/short I chucked the bean boots and cords and wore Kickers and jeans. hahaha. Topsiders though... would never give those up. there is a Bass outlet near Pops (Manchester, VT) so an unlimited supply of $40 Topsiders. Those knee high L.L. Bean boots (editor's note: see below) are my stepmother's, tough to find them now. She has all the classic gear; old Frye boots, CB Sports jackets, ancient Patagonias etc... classic."


[Note: Head here for the project's backstory. Also, If you are reading this and I requested a submission from you or if you would just like to participate please feel free to submit (contact via email). Your participation, as always, is still much anticipated and appreciated.]


  1. James is one of my all time favorites...he puts it out there without any agenda or attitude (unlike a lot of continuous others)he's just........effortless. He's a hero, without question. Has done more for my style than anyone......

    get me a pair of knee high Bean boots....please.

    fantastic mr. doubt.

  2. It's always a pleasure to read your work, James.