Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Look Familiar, Have We Met?

Rugby makes no secret about its love for the prep and Ivy aesthetic and it's always really neat to see their interpretation on all those staples we style nerds hold so dear.  As many of you guys already know much of that very aesthetic lies within the pages of Take Ivy, which makes this new hoodie from Rugby all the more awesome. 

This piece was actually designed by my buddy Antonio, formerly of Rugby, and while his fabric choices as a knit designer were obviously limited he did his best to stay as true to the original as possible.  His version does make some tweaks here and there (i.e. losing the pocket bellow due to fabric constraints and adding a real Indian madras hood liner), but overall is a very cool interpretation of a specific iconic garment.  There's nothing I appreciate more then getting the opportunity to learn about a designer's motivation, inspiration and what drives their work so I thought this would be an interesting little bit to share.


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  1. check this one out: http://www.jumpthegun.co.uk/product/Scoot_Smock_Beige