Saturday, March 27, 2010

CO-OP Barneys Red Brick Sole

The in house Barneys' line of shoes is not something that's usually on my radar, but after perusing the site I came across a few really interesting shoe options all of which featuring a red brick micro rubber sole.  The shoes are very reminiscent of options available from Mark McNairy and Trickers, but at $175 a clip are about half the price of the aforementioned high end options.  As it stands they are selling a brogue, blucher and saddle all in suede and a leather saddle as well.  No information is provided regarding country of origin or welt, but I am sure you could give Barneys a ring or shoot them an email to find out.  Overall, handsome shoes being sold at reasonable prices is something I can get down with.  You can find all four pairs towards the bottom of the page here.


1 comment:

  1. cool shoes, I have the second ones, I really like the look of the shoes, I would like to buy a white ones, I think that this is wonderful!