Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crockett & Jones for Start London

If you think the buck epidemic here at Sart Inc had subsided you are dead wrong - shit's back like the zombie apocalypse.  Crockett & Jones and Start of London have released an awesome collaborative suede brogue on a red brick sole for $405 that is both "smart" and "casual".  The shoe, in both a navy and white version, is probably the best RBS shoe I have seen not attached to the Mark McNairy name and despite having to pay the C&J premium is a pretty rock solid option if you are still trying to track down that perfect summer "hard bottom" (not sure if that slang still applies in this case, but whatever).  The broguing on the shoe is in a traditional English style so all you longwing Americaphiles may not be feeling it as much as myself, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.  For anyone who already owns C&J, this shoe appears to be on the Suffolk last.



  1. Interesting synthesis.

  2. I like the black ones, they sure look comfortable for walking.

  3. I care simply about function when it comes to shoes, colors do not matter for me!