Friday, March 26, 2010

Lusting After: Hamilton 1883 Red Linen Pullover

[Pictured: Hamilton 1883 red linen pullover available for $165.00.]

When Hamilton dropped their own version of a heritage line, Hamilton 1883, the blogosphere went mad.  I mean, an American shirt maker hitting their archives to produce faithful recreations of a few classics in a modern fit is kinda like a big deal around these parts.  Anyhow, despite being as stoked as I was when it all dropped I had been sleeping on them recently - or at least until my man John ignited that flame once again when he pointed me in the direction of a some new S/S 2010 releases.  The best of the bunch, in this humble guy's opinion, is the red linen pullover seen above.  There's a lot going on so I'll do my best to articulate my lust.

Details are not something Hamilton skimps on.  The shirt has a button down collar, pleated front pocket, cuffed sleeves and a 4 button abbreviated placket, which makes for the perfect pullover/popover.  The best part about this shirt, however, is a synthesis of American and Neapolitan style.  While Hamilton and the pullover are steeped in Americana (I recall reading somewhere that the first Brooks Brothers shirt was a popover) the red dyed double ply Italian linen creates a wonderful European foil.  If you saw the price at the top and were just waiting for your chance to rip it apart in the comments please remember that lusting is free.



  1. Haven't liked any of the recent 'pop-overs' and haven't really liked the idea in general, but this one is different, I can just see it being featured in a stylish picture from the 50's...almost feels like a really stylish polo

  2. Can we put a moratorium on the term "pop-over".

    It's not doing anything to help the masculine image of us style obsessed dudes

  3. 'Pop Over' is a bit mumsie.

    Either way, circa a GBP oner for a nice shirt shouldn't get anyone heated up. And, linen's always a few bob more.

  4. while we're on the topic:

    "mumsie" is a bit mumsie

  5. Mr Brown on the move.March 26, 2010 at 4:03 PM

    erm, mumsie's' massively mumsie mate.
    almost as much as popover due to it's dangerously close proximity to poppet.

  6. I've never had a good feeling about linen. It's supposed to have all the endearing qualities but it will always be a bit Club Tropicana for me.