Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's In A Name?

Well, according to Trickers about $300 dollars.  Granted Asos' Made in England shoes aren't of the exact same quality specifications, but they are still bench made in the Trickers factory.  Both the tassled loafers and captoes are currently on sale for $132 - high quality Goodyear welted English shoes at extremely reasonable prices are A-Ok in my book.  In fact, I just grabbed the brown tasseled mocs for myself.  It's rare to find hardbottoms of this caliber for under 3 bills so if you're searching for a new pair to break in sockless this spring look no further.  Get out your size conversion chart and have at it.



  1. Good deal. I just ordered a pair of the brown tassels.

  2. Crap, I just spotted Asos's tri-color deck shoes. How's their "normal" line, quality-wise? (In the $40 range, anyway.)

  3. Looks like we had the same title for our posts today! BTW, nice looking shoes and a great value.


  4. Basseq- All I currently own from Asos are two dress shirts that are pretty high quality when you consider the price. If you like the deck shoes pull the trigger.

    Alan- Great minds think alike.

  5. Great find! I just bought a pair of the black cap-toes. Would've rather had them non-brogued but I need some black oxfords and I can't argue with the price.

  6. Good work by the boys at Tricker’s.

    As you say, quality is clearly lower but at £77 it's a good ploy to turn the next generation of purchasers onto Goodyear welts and what have you.

    I have the same pair by Church's; £85 to get them resoled...

  7. Mr Brown said... "I have the same pair by Church's; £85 to get them resoled..."

    ....But they look great don't they?....And the Church's tasselled loafer is one of the most elegantly shaped of its kind....most others look clunky by comparison.....I've just received back a pair of Church's Diplomats that are nearly 25 years old and on their third visit to Church's factory and they look better than new.

  8. Brummagem Joe...

    I've had shoes sent back to Tricker's
    but these are the first ones to Church's.

    They were taken to Jermyn St earlier this week for a 6 week turn around.

    They're great, worn to illegal parties in dirty Hackney warehouses, afternoon tea with mother-in-law at the Lanesborough and everything in between without any problems!

  9. Mr Brown said...
    "I've had shoes sent back to Tricker's
    but these are the first ones to Church's."

    ...I think you'll be pleased....they are literally better than new because structurally they are new but with a patina of age....I've been getting shoes factory repaired at Church's for nearly forty years with only one bad experience when it took three tries to send the right shoes to me!!.....and how do I get an invite one of those illegal parties?

  10. Just to put an end to this rumor/PR-trick: These loafers, and non of the other "Asos Made in England" shoes, are made by Trickers. I just spoke to Tricker's sales manager Roy Martiniak, and he was quite upset about it. It seems like Jason Dike at Selectism got this information not from "the horses mouths" but from the horses rears.

    The shoes are clearly not up to Tricker's standards, quite obvious if looking at the pictures. They are in fact, as mentioned in the Asos on-line store, made by NPS shoes Ltd.

    And I just visited Selectism again: They had erased the entire post.

  11. Karl- Thanks for doing the dirty work and even though it's a buzzkill I appreciate it.