Tuesday, March 30, 2010

D.S. Dundee Does Street Style

Being a huge fan of D.S. Dundee I don't know how I just made it over to their blog, but better late then never I guess.  Besides making some of the nattiest country gent garb out they take some damn fine street style photos showcasing the absolute style overload going on in London.  Having been a little disappointed with Tommy Ton's London Fashion Week street style shots for GQ this is a much needed reminder about just how cool our English brethren keep it on the reg.  Highlights include Dr. Swagger mean muggin' his way into the Sart Inc Hall of Fame (bottom center).



  1. Damn, I could pull so much from these looks. I'm officially on D.S. Dundee's sartorial bozack.

  2. Much better than Tommy Ton's picks. They just look natural/comfortable in these pictures.

    PS - the link you have for LFW in your write-up is dead.

  3. This how you do it. Everything just fits better in the U.K.