Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knit Pick

With the assist from Consume It I just came across these rad knit ties from Kent Wang.  While you can pretty much buy squared off knits just about anywhere, it's rare to find one in the traditional tie shape that comes to a point.  Kent Wang is taking advantage of this and selling a bunch of knit ties in this shape for $75.  With so many guys taking cues from such sartorial luminaries as The Beatles and, well, every Italian ever I think this is a cool option to help you get your knit fix will still standing out from the well dressed crowd - especially the pin dot versions which are just stupid fly.  Double four in hand one of these and you're golden...



  1. These look great, but don't forget about Howard Yount.

  2. A double FIH with a (slimmer) *knit* tie? Seriously, how stupid is that suggestion?

  3. Anon- 2 Things:

    1. If you are going to make a blatant call out at least man up and sign your own name.

    2. All knit ties look fantastic with a double FIH - it adds a great amount of "Italian" swagger. Italians have been doing the double FIH with all knit ties for years and it always looks fantastic.


    There are lots of pics featuring Agnelli rocking this look with KNIT ties.

  4. Nice ties, but I can't go with the double four in hand suggestion.

    A knitted tie needs a simple knot.

    Yes some Italians like a massive knot, but it's a look favoured on the whole by footballers, estate agents and sales boys that prefer too much product on their hair.

    In London it is unquestionably the look of a total charlie.