Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Less Money Less Problems

This is the first and definitely last time you ever hear me mention Sean John.  Continuing with GQ's list of the best chambrays this season I found it hard to avoid the really great looking option via Puff Daddy himself.  What drew me in initially with the shirt was the lux-ish vibe it gives off.  Much like all of Diddy's production back in the day this shirt has a really great "sheen" to it.  Mr. Combs sampled old school classics and brought them into the world of decadence that was Bad Boy Records and without getting too crazy on you, I get the same vibe from this chambray - old school classic suped up into a new school jam.  I normally wouldn't consider or condone wearing chambray with a suit, but if I absolutely had to it would probably be this joint right here.  Who cop the blue drop?



  1. Not too shabby from the Bad Boy camp....

  2. inb4oldschoolclassic&understatedcomment

    But, yeah, not bad, but not the first chambray I'd reach for. Good idea with the suit though. It would be very GQ commerical-esque.

  3. Crap, that is nice looking. But the sheen makes me think it might be coated and therefore not very soft.

  4. For those of us who appreciate correct grammar, that's "fewer" (not "less") problems.

    BTW, that sheen is certainly understated! (Perhaps I need a new dictionary).

  5. Old School- C'mon dude, the title is play on the classic Bad boy track "Mo Money Mo Problems". I take it you do not dabble in hip hop.

    As far as the sheen, I thought it presented an interesting parallel between the garment and it's namesake's musical catalog.

  6. But will it sell out in the stores?

    Anyway, that actually looks good, interesting to see a slim fit from a hip hop label.

  7. "Dude"? "Mo"? "Bad boy"? "Hip hop"?

    Please grow up and join the civilized world.

    Definitely time to jump ship.

    This will be my last comment and my last visit to this blog, I assure you.

    I'm certain that I won't be missed.

  8. Old School,

    "Please grow up and join the civilized world?" I have absolutely no response to what may be the most condescending, rude and flat out ignorant comment ever posted on this blog.

    That aside, you will be missed due to your thoughtful (besides that last one of course) comments and passion for discourse.

    It's a shame it had (?) to come to this and I wish you all the best. It's definitely been fun.


  9. Old School- Also, not to beat a dead horse or anything, but how exactly is calling someone out on their grammar and making a thinly veiled, somewhat racist comment regarding hip hop civilized?

    Who's the one that actually needs to do the growing up here?

  10. Racist?

    It's your good self that's associating lack of taste and lack of propriety in clothing and music with a particular race.

    I don't share any such prejudices, I assure you.

  11. Old School- I am sure you aren't racist, but I just do not understand why you would include "hip hop" in your list of things uncivilized.

    Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like. It may be more appropriate to talk via that route.

  12. I for one appreciate your good taste in all things, L.A.S. Some of the most racist people I have met claim not to be racist. Add that with pretentiousness and you can chalk that up as someone I would never like to have a drink with. As to drinks, I've had a couple too many. Bedtime for me.

  13. Chambray with a sheen? Pretty much the kind of thing you'd expect from Sean John. No taste, that's the trouble.

  14. OS - go to WASP'll be in better company over there. Your lack of humor, your ignorance and arrogance as well as your overall sense of being completely "out of touch" will suit you and the other morons over there quite well.

  15. Old School, don't be "That Guy". Who goes around correcting people's grammar? Oh I know who: it's the guy that's so out of touch with reality that he doesn't recognize pop culture references. Allow me to extend an invitation to join the rest of us in the 21st century. Otherwise, you won't be missed. Ciao.

  16. " I normally wouldn't consider or condone wearing chambray with a suit"

    Actually LAS there are very fine quality Chambray shirts that look just fine with tropical weight suits. The Puff Daddy number just isn't one of them......unless you're in a rock band that is.....with casual kit on someone as young and good looking as you it looks pretty good I'd say

    .....and I see we have someone "cancelling his subscription"....reminds me of a funny incident in Norway years ago when my boss and I arrived very late at a hotel and found our rooms had been given away. This guy was a total d'head and put on a virtuoso five minute Cleese style performance of ranting in front of his entourage (we were in the company jet) which culminated in him screaming at the bespectacled Norwegian night manager "And if we don't get our rooms I'm NEVER EVER coming to NORWAY AGAIN!!"

  17. Old School - You really put the "old" in "Old School."

    "Dude"? "Mo"? "Bad boy"? "Hip hop"?
    Please grow up and join the civilized world.

    ^that part right there is what's racist. Even though hip-hop has undergone many transitions, its origins are as poor, black, American music. It has grown beyond music, evolving into its own culture, which, like it or not, is inextricably linked to black culture.

    Bad Boy is Diddy's label. "Mo Money, Mo Problems" is his song. Hip-hop is his genre. To cite these things incredulously and then follow with an invitation to the "civilized world" is to imply that there is somehow a disparity between hip hop (read=black) culture and civilized culture, which is racist.

    We won't miss you.

    Have a great day.

    Hugs, Kisses & Sunshine,