Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Howard Yount

Thanks to BadScene I was tipped off to Howard Yount, a brand I was not yet familiar with.  Apparently created by a StyleForum poster, the goods are fairly priced and come in a variety of dandy fabrics and patterns.  With everyone getting their S/S gear right it's good to update your ties accordingly and Howard Yount has all the good looking knits, linens and silks you need for this time of year.  Something like a linen tie is a good look especially for the guy who is fond of wearing oxford shirting year round.  By adding the linen neckwear you can take your year round uniform and instantly add a dash of spring with the warm weather fabric.  I'm particularly fond of the knits though, which come in some pretty unique stripes and colors - a bunch of really great numbers are on sale as we speak (be on the look out for the rarer classically shaped knits I was talking about yesterday).  You can check out everything, including pocket squares, pants and socks, here.  Keep in mind the tie width trends towards trad (3 3/8", knits are 2.5") and all ties are made in Italy (many are hand finished).



  1. Any relation to the great Robin Yount?

  2. dice. i want that light blue linen polka dot one.

  3. Like the red tipped blue square bottom.

    To add to the comments yesterday on knots; I don't think it is possible to butcher a tie as badly as Oi Polloi have with their EG ties!! Awful.

  4. This is the best thing you've posted in a bit man. This vendor has some really great stuff. Did you see those amazing umbrellas? Such a good deal.

  5. Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like our ties. In fact all the ties are either made by hand or finished by hand (the knits).

    Yes, I believe the HOF baseball player is a distant relative--24th cousin or something like that.