Friday, March 26, 2010

Hybrid Theory

If you're looking for a post on Linkin Park or fuel friendly vehicles I hate to disappoint you, but this is going to be a little something different.  As it stands right now my two favorite shirt collars are of the club and button down variety, but I have never seen the two combined until today when my new Unis oxford arrived in the mail.  It's funny because when I ordered it last week I had purchased it under the assumption it was a normal button down collar oxford like the thousands of shirts that had come before it in the history of shirting.  You can imagine my surprise when I was examining it further and realized that the collar was in fact a hybrid of my two favorite styles.

See, I love club collars since they add a little punch to a standard shirt, but I hate how it can get out of hand if not buttoned all the way up.  On the flip side, a button down collar is great, but lacks said personality of the aforementioned club collar.  By combining the attributes of both Eunice Lee has created a very unique and functional collar that is unlike most of the stuff out there.  While I normally scoff at anything "hybrid" for their bastardization of something classic, this shirt really looks great - it also helps that the fit is top notch, but I wasn't expecting anything less from the sexy GQ and CDFA's best new designer in America nominee.

After browsing the Unis webstore I was disappointed to see that no S/S options were for sale yet, but you can grab the fall shirt seen below on sale if you are in the business of planning ahead.  Moral of the story: if what I just said seems like something you would be interested in be on the lookout for Unis because they have got hybrid theory down to a tee.



  1. I think it all comes down to the roundness of the collar. In Unis' case, the angle of the collar is sharp, yet still round on the edges.
    I don't think the hybrid collar would work with this EG shirt

  2. David- Right. The reason this hybrid works is because it keeps the relative angle of the standard button down. It's not just a club collar with buttons, but a true hybrid of both in this case.

  3. I was expecting a LP album fit, no lie.

  4. I've been eying Unis gear for a while now. Gonna have to pop by in April. Fresh for sure.

  5. Hey guys,

    New Unis S/S is up online now. Sorry for the delay.