Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking For An Angle

I know, I know...more canvas sneakers, just hear me out.  What I find really interesting about these PF Flyers is the cutaway around the ankle - it creates this really cool angle and creates a pretty dynamic aesthetic usually not found in such subtle and classic footwear.  This attribute is reminiscent of a similar angle, albeit not as dramatic, often found on blucher mocs (see below) where the rear quarters of the shoe are set lower so that it meets the vamp of the shoe in a more angled fashion.  Sorry for the sartorial academia...just a little food for thought.



  1. I'm sure Niche appreciates the link... nice guys over there. Great local Charlotte, NC spot.

  2. i actually have those PF Flyers. they've yet to get busted out, but i have a feeling that come summer, the extra breathing room around the ankle is going to be VERY well appreciated.

    it's a pretty interesting comparison you've made. the PF Flyers are indeed more dramatic (even aggressive), but it's cool.

  3. can you tell me the name of the blucher moc in the second photo? i've been looking everywhere for a pair, but nothing i find looks quite as nice as that one.

  4. Anon-