Wednesday, March 31, 2010

War Stripes Pt. III

I've talked a few times about Momotaro's penchant for war stripes and just how awesome I think they are so I was pretty pumped when I saw their new hooded sweat shirt on sale at Context.  This aint your average Pac Sun brohoodie, instead being cut and sewn (Japanese 100% cotton fleece) in limited quantities.  Like all of Momotaro's gear the details on this thing are crazy.  Everything, from the war stripes to the neck enclosure to the patch pockets, is on point.  Would you expect anything less from our garment obsessed friends in Japan?  These hoodies are not cheap and even when you factor in their limited edition status it's still fairly hard to swallow.  If you are looking to get your warrior on, you can pick up a heather or charcoal version for $205.  On the plus side, at least it's cheaper than a new set of nunchucks.


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