Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Cocktail Or Two

The Tie Bar has been pimped by GQ more times than I can remember, which is understandable considering the online retailer sells good looking 2.5" ties for $15 bucks a pop.  They recently added a bunch of new patterns for spring so I figured I'd jump all over it before Gentleman's Quarterly could steal my shine.  A 2.5 inch tie width might be a little on the skinny side for some of you more conservative chaps, but it plays in my book.  The Tie Bar bills these suckers as "skinny" though I am more inclined to view these as the slim variety - and as you all know slim = good, skinny = bad.  If you read this blog you are probably already passed the absurd "if I'm not working, I'm not wearing a tie" stage of your life so there is no real reason to go into how a tie can be worn, and worn well, with any casual getup.  You can purchase all of these here along with a variety of different products.  That burgundy joint is raw...


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