Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The (Real) Life Archives

Longwing, blogger and frequent Sart Inc commenter, is killing it over at this spot recently.  He's been digging into his own photo archive and posting some incredible pics from back in the day.  It's a lot of prep, a lot of trad and a lot of fun.  If you aren't already be sure to start checking daily for some inspiring stuff - it's like a more genuine, tangible Life Magazine Archive.



  1. Quality, 100% 1970's prep. "Trad" need not apply.

  2. Quality is the best descriptor of all.

  3. Tucker,

    Might one not argue that since Anglophilia/Anglomania is a component of Trad,
    quality is perhaps more of a characteristic of Trad than it is of Prep?

  4. OldSchool,

    It's moot. LongWing has decided to remove the photos from his page.

    My point was that "Trad" as a descriptor is not applicable to these particular photos since "Trad" was not in use back then. "Prep" certainly was.

    Sorry, the word "Trad" just sets my teeth on edge. I hate it.

  5. Great and short lived series of posts.

    Made better really by their early demise.

  6. Second from Top is incredible. The bunny was also pretty awesome.